May 24, 2017

S Family | Mechanicsburg Family Photographer

The S Family. I’ve had the absolute pleasure of photographing their beautiful selves twice now and I just have to say – watching families grow is the biggest treat! This little guy was a new toddler last time I saw him and now he’s he’s 2 and so fun and active!

Kids really are my favorite. It doesn’t matter if they’re older or younger, if they’re shy or crazy – I just always enjoy playing with them and capturing the real giggles, crazy faces, smooches for mom, hugs for dad – you know the authentic things that kids always love and do. It’s what I wanted to capture in my own daughter whenever I first picked up my camera years ago! It’s those little things that will mean the most whenever you’re looking back at your pictures years from now and you’ll be able to remember the way they loved the dirt or sucked on their thumb or laid their head on your shoulder whenever you picked them up. I can say from experience, those are always the pictures I treasure the most.

So here’s some from the S Family’s fun session in one of my favorite spots that is ever-changing!

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