August 23, 2017

baby j | harrisburg lifestyle newborn photographer

Baby J. He was a tiny, red-headed, little guy with these perfect features that make your ovaries ache. (sidenote: this could possibly make or break me – I’m a baby person through and through and if I’m not careful photographing and snuggling these babies, my husband and I are going to end up outdoing the Duggars!) Baby J’s mama and daddy are both from all over the US. His mama had the cutest southern accent & his daddy was so knowledgeable about history & places. I loved hearing  the stories about the art in their home & places they’ve lived and been to. They had just moved here together and gotten married a few weeks ago so it’s truly been a time of incredible joy in their lives and I feel honored to have captured of bit of that!

Meet baby J, his mama, daddy & furry siblings Piper & Parker!


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