June 25, 2018

janae & atticus | summertime motherhood session

Motherhood is so unapologetically beautiful. You may look around at all the laundry, the crazy kids still covered in breakfast, your messy bun & ath-leisure look that’s now going on day 3 and think that life is ANYTHING but beautiful (definitely not speaking from experience or anything…) but I’ve heard time and time again that it’s these days you’ll look back on & cherish the most, these days that you’ll yearn for the presence of again. My heart and soul lie in documenting this – the beauty of life right now.

You may be thinking that you can’t find anything to wear or that your kiddos are a bit wild or that you still have a little baby weight to shed – or that, or that, or that…see I know all the things going through your head as to why right now isn’t the time to be photographed but I’m here to tell you that anytime is the right time & you’ll never regret getting in the frame. You only have so many years with your kids before they fly the nest, so let’s find you a gorgeous dress, (not to brag, but I’m prettttty good at styling clients outfits 😉 throw on a bit of makeup, do your hair up to have you feeling like a babe and get you in front of my camera so we can make some magic together for the sake of memories with your little sweeties.

So enjoy a few of my favorites from a recent motherhood session with a mama I’ve known for so long. I’ve watched her grow into this incredible woman – a wife and mom of three (& three waiting for them in heaven) who loves and embraces this beautiful season she’s in and looks so effortlessly beautiful doing it. <3

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