September 21, 2018


I know it’s no secret how I hold such a dear place in my heart for pregnancy – there’s just nothing else quite like it. It’s such a significant, sacred time in a women’s life, a journey to a new, incredible adventure that awaits you at the end & boy oh boy, photographing this time…well it’s my FAVE!

Seeing glowing mamas like Bri & hand in hand with her best friend & hubby, Tom, the joy and anticipation just oozing out of them – I was basically a kid on Christmas (or a parent watching their kid on Christmas, because I think they’re more excited then the kids are!) snapping away and enjoying life watching them soak it all in. I learned that Bri thinks Tom would be a golden retriever if he were an animal, that they love football (WE ARE!) and are just ecstatic to bring their precious guy into the world. And and and I’m posting this after Bri had sweet baby H so I’ve already gotten to meet & photograph them together, I even met her mom so I’m pretty much family already. So excited to share all that goodness as well, but for now enjoy a peek into their sunshine, flowy dress, laughter filled maternity session!





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