October 13, 2018


These two…sweet as pie and SO in love that it hurts. I have come to know and love them (and turns out Ali and I actually knew each other as kids too! #smalltownlivin) and the joy and love they have for life and each other quite literally oozes out of them. It’s been the greatest privilege to be apart of such a special couple’s life & I can’t wait to see what the future holds for them because THEY’RE GETTING MARRIED TODAY!

Reasons I love Ali & Josh, in no particular order:

  • They’re always smiling (my kinda people!)
  • The way they look at each other
  • They’re up for WHATEVER (“Wanna lay down in the sand?” “Wanna run through the water?”)
  • They laugh at all my (unintentional) dirty jokes and at me falling/tripping/etc. (if I’m gonna do it, which I am, ya better at least laugh at me so I can get a picture!)
  • We met for the first time on a breakfast date, and breakfast food is my favorite type of food soooo…
  • They’re just plain wonderful people who I will stay friends with forever & ever and photograph their kiddos and all that good stuff.

So enjoy a few of my faves of the *almost* Mr. & Mrs. Jonas!

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